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All Condition Armadillo Elite

All Condition Armadillo Elite


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SKU Size Color Stock Price
00014-4103 700X23C Black 0 R 900.00 Enquire Now
00014-4105 700X25C Black 12 R 900.00 Enquire Now
00014-4108 700X28C Black 8 R 900.00 Enquire Now
00015-4102 700X32C Black 4 R 900.00 Enquire Now
The completely redesigned All Condition Armadillo Elite is the most flat resistant tire available that has performance characteristics better than some competitors race tires! We have given it a new tread pattern that offers excellent all weather traction. Newly sourced materials for the best puncture protection, ride quality, and GRIPTON compound for low rolling resistance and ultimate traction in dry and wet conditions. Flat out, it's the best flat resistant, high performance tire we've ever made.

  • Casing: 120 TPI
  • Bead: foldable
  • Compound: GRIPTON
  • Flat Protection: Armadillo Elite
  • 700 x 23; psi 110-125; approximate weight 285g
  • 700 x 25; psi 110-125; approximate weight 315g
  • 700 x 28; psi 85-95; approximate weight 340g
  • 700 x 30; psi 85-95; approximate weight 390g
  • 700 x 32; psi 85-95; approximate weight 430g

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