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S-Works Turbo
S-Works Turbo

S-Works Turbo


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SKU Size Color Stock Price
00015-1072 700X22C Black 1 R 510.00 Enquire Now
00015-1074 700X24C Black 8 R 1,050.00 Enquire Now
00015-1076 700X26C Black 7 R 1,050.00 Enquire Now
00016-1078 700X28C Black 1 R 1,050.00 Enquire Now
The S-Works Turbo tire sets the standard for how a performance road tire should perform. It's fast, light, and supple, making it not only the fastest tire we've ever made, but also the fastest tire in the world. It features extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction that helped win Worlds on a rain-slicked attack. So no matter if you're climbing with the best of them or descending like a rider possessed, this is the tire for anyone who demands nothing short of the best.
Feature Bullets
  • Casing: 120 TPI
  • Bead: Foldable
  • Compound: GRIPTON
  • Flat Protection: BlackBelt
  • 700 x 22mm; psi 100-125; approximate weight 200g
  • 700 x 24mm; psi 100-125; approximate weight 210g
  • 700 x 26mm; psi 100-125; approximate weight 220g
  • 700 x 28mm; psi 85-95; approximate weight 240g

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