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Merino Tall Sock
Merino Tall Sock

Merino Tall Sock


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64717-1314 L/Xl Light Grey 7 R 390.00 Enquire Now

Isn't it funny how, with all of the technology entering the world every day, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better performance material than Merino wool? Ironic or not, we embrace it, and if you want to see what this natural fiber has to offer, look no further than our Women's Merino Tall Socks.

It features a soft, yet durable, blend of Merino wool yarns that naturally regulate moisture and odor buildup, as well as reduce hot spots. This means that your feet will stay cool, dry, and comfortable after long hauls in the saddle. And with the tall, eight-inch cuff height, your beautiful calves will stay protected from scratches and the elements.

  • A Merino wool blend of yarns interface softly with the foot, naturally keeping it dry and free of odor buildup.
  • Lightweight underfoot cushion adds an extra buffer to trail vibration, which also combats friction and hotspots over the course of a ride.
  • 8" cuff height (size Small/Medium) provides ample leg coverage to help prevent against brush scratches and the elements.

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