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OO9455-0149 49 Polished Black / Prizm Black 0 R 3,930.00 Enquire Now
OO9455-0249 49 Polished Black / Prizm 24K 0 R 3,930.00 Enquire Now
OO9455-0349 49 Polished Black / Prizm Sapphire 1 R 3,930.00
OO9455-0449 49 Polished Black / Prizm Road 1 R 3,930.00
Oakley Kato is engineered to push the boundaries of performance with a purpose-built design that conforms to the contours of the face for a seamless look. With its progressive, disruptive wrap design, the frameless architecture, innovative tilt function, and multiple nosepads create a customized fit. Paired with Prizm Lens Technology, Oakley Kato empowers athletes with optimized coverage and an expanded field of view.
DISRUPTIVE DESIGN - Oakley Kato has a progressive, disruptive design intended to fit the lens as close to the face as possible, providing optimized coverage, wider field of view, frame retention and impact protection.
REVOLUTIONARY LENS DESIGN - Advancements in optical design have allowed the lens to be designed with an extended wrap and rigidity in key areas that mimic the structural properties of a frame.
ADJUSTABLE RAKE - An innovative fit mechanism helps tilt the lens to create the right bridge and cheek contact to properly and comfortably adapt to more faces.
NOSEPADS - Comes with three Unobtainium® nosepads of different thicknesses and depths to create different offsets to give you the fit you need and no slip grip.
SEE MORE DETAILS - Available with Prizm™ lenses that are designed to enhance color, contrast so you can see more detail.

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